Our Story

 I've felt a strong connection to the people since I can remember. I have letters from my Great Uncle who spoke of growing up on the Onondaga reservation and about his many friends there.

As an adult I decided to become more involved in Native tradition and included my children in those adventures. Among other things we have attended and participated in many Pow wow's through the years. This is a good way to learn about tradition as it is a sacred time to give thanks to the Creator and be grateful. We have enjoyed having the honor of staying after the event closed to the public at night and hearing the stories from the elders while sitting around the fire. This is how tradition is passed down from one generation to the next. We learned a lot about the red path and we all felt the connection. We were taught some Native crafting along the way and other things we learned on our own.

Among our many branches are 3  Mohegan grandsons. Their branches are small but mighty. They have a talent for everything they do. They are registered with the tribe and have tribal ID. Check out our artist pages for more information.

In addition to our website, we sell our art at larger shows. Check out our upcoming events page and stop by to enter our drawings to win something fun!


We will be adding other "branches" to our website as their creativity grows.